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Shellhouse Seafood

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5040 Belfield Avenue
Phila, PA 19144

Call Us : (215) 324-7310

Business Hours:

Mon-Sat 12:00pm - 11:00pm
Sun 1:00pm - 9:00pm

Finding fresh, wild-caught seafood is harder than you think. In an era that values convenience over quality, many supermarket selections have made fresh fish markets a thing of the past. Forgo the frozen fish that has been imported from all areas of the globe. At Shellhouse Seafood, you can buy freshly caught, local seafood right in your own hometown.

When you are searching for a reputable seafood market in Philadelphia, PA, look no further than Shellhouse Seafood. We have been a family-owned and operated business since 1991. Our experience leads to tremendous knowledge of our product. We hand-select the finest fresh fish daily to ensure our high standards of quality are met.

Our inventory shifts daily, based on what is in season. We specialize in live & fresh fish at this revolutionary and modern fish market. Our huge variety of tasty seafood is sure to satisfy your insatiable hunger for fresh fish. We only sell fish that meets our standards of the highest quality and freshness.

You cannot get any fresher than buying live fish at our wonderful market. Choose from a large selection of live seafood including clams, mussels, and lobsters. Whether you are looking to feed your family of four a nice seafood dinner or feast on lobsters by yourself, you cannot beat the quality available at Shellhouse Seafood.

The experience of buying your seafood directly from the source is much richer than a trip to the grocery store. Bring your entire family to our comfortable and eclectic environment. A regular trip to your local fresh fish market will quickly become the highlight of your week! Stop by today to see what we currently have on special.