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Shellhouse Seafood

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5040 Belfield Avenue
Phila, PA 19144

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Mon-Sat 12:00pm - 11:00pm
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Our passion for fresh, sustainably sourced seafood began at a very young age. Some of the fondest memories that we have were centered on the eating and preparation of fresh fish and seafood dishes. This business has been in our blood for years. Our family has a tradition for seafood. Shellhouse Seafood has been owned and operated by our dedicated and passionate family since 1991.

We have been proudly serving the community of Philadelphia, PA with fresh seafood for more than 24 years. Our commitment to quality and excellent service is what keeps our business thriving and popular. We believe that the freshest ingredients create the most delicious dishes. We also value our customers’ time and business. We have revolutionized the way we think about seafood with our convenient take out service.

We have created our comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere with your relaxation in mind. A trip to our fresh food market quickly becomes a day filled with fond memories and bonding between children and parents. We hope to provide our customers with much more than the freshest fish around. We strive to create happy memories and positive experiences that will last a lifetime.

Shellhouse Seafood has become known as the “jumbo crab king” due to our impressive selection of king crab. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments that you may have.